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Thank you for your offices amazing work. 30 years of fear replaced by peace of mind and ease. 2 root canals, 2 crowns, 2 wisdom teeth removed and 3 fillings replaced. Through it all, Dr Peterson and the staff made me feel safe, comfortable and listened too. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to make my life better.

My life long appreciation,

Dr. Peterson, I just had my teeth cleaned and checked by a new Dentist here in Ellensburg, W A. He was amazed at these composite veneers that you put on my teeth. When I told him they've been there since the 1980's he was even more impressed. Pretty soon I had a few hygienists looking at them too. Since then I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing.  Anyway, just popping in to say hi and thanks again for the beautiful teeth you gave me about 28 years ago!!! Remember telling me they were just temporary, would last me maybe 2-3 years until I could have something more permanent done?!! Well, they've done well! You did a great job!

- Thanks again, Mylene

One evening at a business social event, I asked a couple I knew to recommend a dentist and share with me why they selected him. Without missing a beat, they both "smiled" and said: We both go to Dr. Kurt Peterson because he is compassionate, skilled, and understanding of all levels of patient needs, cares and fears. Having had such bad dental experiences since my early teens and a gag reflex to top it off, this seemed like a very positive option.

Jump ahead one year and I had my daughter, her husband, and our two grandsons going to Dr. Kurt. My goal was to be as good a patient as the four of them were so I would get a "prize" after each visit. No big deal, you may say, but it took me 45 years to become a good patient and it changed my life.

Several years later I committed to Dr. Kurt a ten month schedule to have a full set of porcelain crowns, gum surgery by Dr. Anthony Giardino, and five root canals by Dr. Rod Tataryn. The doctors were all personally recommended by Dr. Kurt himself. These doctors must have been made out of the same mold as they were all calm, reassuring and highly skilled in their fields of dentistry.

Because of the kind of men and dentists Dr. Kurt, Dr. Giardiano, and Dr. Tartaryn are and an opportunity of a lifetime for me to find such a team it was easy to make this ten month committment and I never looked back from that point on.

It was mind over matter and the comfort of knowing I was in the hands of dedicated, skilled doctors who gave me such confidence, I was able to relax throughout all of the procedures. I just kept the goal in mind and looked forward to the final day. When Dr. Kurt handed me the mirror to view the results, I thought I was dreaming. I cried, gave Dr. Kurt a hug and thanked him and each doctor for what they had done for me.

When Dr. Kurt asked me if I saw my before and after "Smile Photos" on his web site I said no but I would take a look and see if I could identify mine. I looked through many photos of his patients and selected mine in a heartbeat and I am still smiling at the results.

So when you are looking for a skilled dentist who knows and cares about his patients, look to Dr. Kurt, where he and his wife, Holly Peterson DDS, went to their hearts to give patients a new, environmentally friendly, beautiful office space that welcomes you and cares for your dental needs.

His dedication to his patients flows throughout the office with the front office team of Jackie, Angie, and Pam handling scheduling, insurance, and follow up. Behind the scenes technicians like Luann, my side chair for ten months, and Lisa, who was able to get me from being a dreaded patient to a star patient by talking me through procedures, what to expect, and getting X-rays without issues.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kurt and his "A Team" !

- Carole Zuppe

From Rachel Toor's Blog Site:

Finding a Dentist in Spokane
One of the hard parts of moving to a new place is finding the folks who can take care of you, not just the friends, but the professionals. I feel that I finally have a posse of peeps here, good friends who make me laugh and will hold me when I cry.

I have an accountant who seems very nice, and whose wife (receptionist) is a warm delight. I have a massage therapist who lets me hit him and curse at him if he goes too deep, but he doesn't back off when he knows I need it. I have a dermatologist who invited me to his home so that I could watch Obama be elected in the company of like-minded people. Yesterday, when he was cutting a chunk of cancer out of my torso and I asked him how long before I could run, he said "It doesn't matter what I say. You're not going to listen." I like this. It doesn't stop him from giving me his opinion, but he recognizes that I am a person, not just a patient.

Today I went to a new dentist. My old dentist had an office in an inconvenient place. While he was very nice, he always wanted to talk about politics--even though, or perhaps especially because, we were on opposite sides of the spectrum. He also told me that I needed three crowns. I didn't know how to evaluate this. Was he right? Was he trying to increase his revenue flow? I felt at a loss. I am too old, too arrogant, and too fancily educated to take something like this at face value. The white coat is not an argument.

So I asked my friend Cyndi, who used to teach dental hygiene, who I should see. She didn't hesitate in recommending Kurt Peterson. She said, "He's really good, and you'll like him."

It didn't hurt that his office is right next door to the Bloomsday Race headquarters building, around the corner from the cafe where I go to write every morning. Convenient, indeed.

It didn't hurt that the aesthetics of the office feel more like walking into the living room of a friend's house--tasteful, elegant, with interesting art.

I was shown to a sunny room with a table and chairs. And then a tall, bearded, academic-looking guy came in and said "Hi Rachel, I'm Kurt."

He had me at "I'm Kurt." I've been thinking a lot about doctors (and professors, and vets, and dentists) and their attachment to honorifics. I once asked my internist, who first-named me from the start (and is considerably younger than me) what she wanted me to call her. She looked as if I'd asked her bra size. "Why, Dr. ______." Okay. I don't need to be friends with my health care providers, but I do want to consider myself an equity partner in my care. Next time I am going to ask her to call me Ms. Toor.

Kurt wore no white coat. He sat down across the table to have a conversation with me. We talked. I thought: I'm gonna like this place.

And boy, did I. I got nitrous oxide so that they could measure my gum erosion (I know that's not what it's called, but I think it's funny) and clean my teeth. They also put lip balm on me. The assistant, Tina, and the hygienist Klea, were smart, professional, nice, and fun. They seemed to like the work, and their workplace.

When Kurt did the exam, there was a big flat screen TV in the corner that had previously been showing Western mountain and river videos. He put a camera in my mouth and showed me each of my teeth, pointing out problem areas, cracks, and laying out a triaged plan for treatment. He told me that there was one tooth whose filling needed to be roto-rootered out (okay, he didn't say that) and then he could see better whether or not it needed a crown, or just another filling. The other two teeth needed to be re-filled, he thought, but not crowned. A conservative dentist, regardless of his party politics, is what I like.

I cannot recommend highly enough Kurt Peterson's dental practice.
Posted by Rachel at 10:39 AM


Lisa Caryl

Dr. Kurt Peterson is Browne's Addition is incredibly gentle and skilled. When Alayna had her front teeth broken at age seven, her pediatric dentist wasn't available so we took her to Dr. Kurt. He gave up his lunch hour to take care of her, stayed with her as the Novocaine took effect, soothing and calming her (instead of stepping out to get something to eat), and did such a great bond job on her teeth that her orthodontist didn't even know it was not real until we told him. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist.

I don't think you will find a better dentist. I have been going to him for over 20 years. I did not inherit good teeth and have had so many negative experiences with other dentists plus many root canals. I am terrified of dentists and dental procedures. He has taken me on emergency basis, come in from his days off, and calmly works around my fears.

His office staff is superior in patient treatment. His clinic environment is beautiful and calming. In fact, I really like to go there and sit a bit before treatment to calm as much as possible. The waiting room is all natural materials with plants, etc. and the grounds are landscaped beautifully.

I've never had to go back for repair work for anything that Dr. Peterson has done. I am very thankful to have found this quality of dentist and person.

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