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Dr. Peterson believes in the health of his patients as a whole person, encompassing more than oral health into the way he practices dentistry. This is evident in the extra care and additional procedures included in each preventive appointment. Dr. Peterson also emphasizes the extreme importance of early education and forming excellent oral hygiene habits for our younger friends of the practice.

Instead of simply a "cleaning" appointment, over the years Dr. Peterson has developed and offered periodic "preventive" appointments. We schedule these at a recommended frequency of no less than twice per year (every 6 months). Frequency is relative to the individual, as for some we schedule this appointment at 4 months, 3 months, and even monthly appointments. At Dr. Peterson's office we not only "clean" various areas of your mouth during your visit, we will also examine, diagnose, and plan necessary treatments. We take your blood pressure and screen for cancer and other systemic diseases.

Since 1998 there has been overwhelming evidence produced linking the condition of your mouth, teeth and gum tissue to many diseases. Periodontal (gum tissue) disease may lead to:

  • An increase in risk of stroke
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Increase in certain risks during pregnancy
  • Increase in complications of, or potential for diabetes
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Osteoporosis

Regular visits here will help you maintain your oral health and allow us to detect signs of nutritional deficiencies, infections, immune disorders, potential for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and some forms of cancer. Without coming in to our office for a regularly scheduled preventative appointment we would not have the opportunity to guide these patients to diagnose and treat these conditions.


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